Have you examined the performance of your content development and marketing?

Hi, I’m Zach Rocchino.

content development and marketing

what do I do?

I help you launch and grow your business with product and service marketing strategies, compelling stories, and career expertise in content development, digital advertising, and marketing.

What excites me most about working with you is: understanding your audience, crafting a memorable voice, producing stellar content, auditing and improving your existing content, and bringing creativity with respect to your core values.

Types of freelance work I enjoy: creative writing, product marketing, blogging, research, copywriting, social media management, paid search ads, product descriptions, landing pages, website copy, fundraising, technical writing, programmatic advertising, content strategy, and an array of consulting solutions

This is how I work with you:

Learning: Am I fit for you or your brand? I’ll ask about the problem you need to solve and get some initial information about the budget, business, tone, and deadline. I’ll research the topic heavily to fully understand the context of the project.

Planning: Utilizing voice of customer research and my own audience segmentation methods, I’ll come up with concrete lists of the wants and needs of your consumers or audience. For creative content, this means understanding the voice and stylistic choices that your readers expect.

Creating: After establishing a creative brief, I’ll outline some initial templates and ideas and then get to writing a few different approaches and iterations of the copy. For articles and other creative content, I will write several pitches, headlines, plot summaries, and story maps to give you options.

Editing: We’ll collaborate and go through any feedback of my samples and I will make the necessary revisions and come back with a few more examples. When you’re happy, we can prepare for launch.

Launching & Optimizing: After the copy or creative piece launches, I’ll keep a detailed eye on social media, email, and on-site analytics. I’ll employ split testing and make changes where I see necessary to reach all your KPIs. I’ll keep a close eye on engagement and bump up the content in relevant communities and foster discussion.

Interested in learning more about me or my work?