A Wide Range of Subject-Matter Expertise

Writing portfolio

Welcome to my writing portfolio. Here, you’ll find a collection of my work that spans various topics and styles. I approach writing like making a movie—I research thoroughly, plan carefully, write with purpose, and revise until everything clicks. This careful process ensures that each piece of content captures and holds your attention.

I’m always eager to learn more, experience more, and share more through my writing.

My interests are broad, covering everything from technical and business insights to wellness and pop culture. This variety allows me to switch between different writing styles smoothly.

Below, you’ll find some of my favorite projects. These pieces reflect my ability to engage diverse audiences.

Whether I’m explaining complex ideas or exploring trendy topics, my main aim is to connect with you, the reader, and leave you with something to think about after you’ve finished reading.



Programmagic Programmatic Analytics Platform One-Sheet

This is an example of a one-sheet for a new programmatic analytics platform. (spec)

WordPress Hosting Landing Page Copy

This is a landing page for a highly-secure WordPress Hosting solution. (spec)

ssntl Minimalist Backpacks One-Sheet

This is a one-sheet for ssntl, a new minimalist backpack brand and their personal-item-sized backpack. (spec)

ssntl Minimalist Backpacks Press Kit

This is a press kit / press release example for ssntl, a new minimalist backpack brand. (spec)

Blog articles:


Diablo IV’s Palette Swaps and Repetitive Enemies Are Boring Choices in a Fun Game

This is a post for a gaming blog reviewing Blizzard’s Diablo IV.

Chrono Trigger Needs a Pixel Remaster

This is an article for a gaming blog demanding a remaster of the classic Super Nintendo RPG Chrono Trigger.


Do Something: the How and Why of Volunteering

This article, for a wellness blog, emphasizes the importance of volunteering, highlighting that even small efforts can make a significant impact, and offers practical advice on finding suitable volunteer opportunities that align with personal motivations and values, whether locally or internationally.

Removing Negative People form your Life Ethically

This article, for a wellness blog, discusses the importance of identifying and ethically removing negative people from your life to maintain your well-being, emphasizing self-care, setting boundaries, honest communication, and resisting manipulative guilt.

Technical Writing:


Audience Segmentation Guide

This guide explains the technical and business reasons for audience segmentation, the types of audience segments, and the way in which they’re most relevant to targeted marketing and advertising.

Naming Convention Guide

This Naming Convention Guide aims to standardize all naming conventions across [BRAND]’s
North American instance of the DMP and its associated audience segments.